Impenetrable Cold wallet

in your pocket wallet


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Impenetrable Cold Wallet

Online exchanges and wallet providers can disappear, be hacked.






Keep assets offline

Keep your digital assets offline with a EAL5+ certified secure element IC, the highest rating of financial application security standards.


Completely isolated

Seed generation / Passphrase entry / Device recovery are all isolated within the card device and independent from online platform.

Anytime & Anywhere

Carry with you wherever you go!


0.84mm. ISO Standard

With the ISO standard width of a normal credit card, fit into any wallet. Can carry with you wherever you go



IP68 grade water and dust proof quality. anywhere you go, your assets are securely protected

Safely manage your assets anywhere you are!


Support mobile connection

FuzeW can connect to laptop and mobile device via wireless connection. You can transfer from in or out of your house.


Built-in Token Exchange

Seamlessly exchange tokens within your wallet, never letting your funds outside of your reach. (2019 1Q)

Fear hardware loss?

No need.






Backup your recovery seed

When you first set up your FuzeW, it will generate the seed for you. When you need to restore access to your wallet, use this offline backup.


Private passphrase

After receiving the automated 24 recovery words set, the user has the option to manually enter an additional private passphrase. The private passphrase is comprised of an 8 letter english word.


PIN code

PIN Code input is mandatory for card usage and user confirmation. The wallet will revert to factory setting with error input of 5 times or more. so don’t worry about loss.

Simplified experience

With QR code on the 1.1” display. simple card scan allows user to share wallet address during transfer and at bitcoin ATM!






Address Book

Address book within SE will allow users to transfer their crypto more painlessly. Storage within offline network will guarantee safety (2019 1Q)


Transaction record

Comprehensive transaction information, keeping track of transaction status at any time (2019 1Q)

Support multi currencies

BTC, ETH, All ERC20 Tokens now supported





Mentioned in media


“It is the world"s first genuine card-type hardware wallet where the users will be able to check their available balance, both in cryptocurrency and fiat”


“The major difference between the existing cold wallets and FuzeW is that FuzeW has adopted multiple security layers”


"퓨즈더블유는 최고 보안등급 CC EAL 5+ 인증을 받은 콜드월렛 방식 암호화폐 하드웨어 월렛이며, 세계 최초로 실물 카드에서 실시간 잔고 확인이 가능한 카드형 하드웨어 월렛이다.”