Security feature update: PIN code setting

The method of entering PIN code has been updated. 

To find new security features, please update the W Manager, the mobile app of FuzeW, and update FuzeW firmware as well.

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New Coin update: Litecoin

FuzeW team is pleased to announce new coin support!

Litecoin is now supportable in FuzeW starting from 12th, December.

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FuzeW Black Friday Promotion

-$79 for the first 100 purchase

-Buy with 5 friends, and receive at a special price of $59 (per item) ...

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News Updates - Adding ERC20 Custom token

Generating all kinds of ERC20 token wallets is added to FuzeW wallet.

It will be updated on W Manager, an application of FuzeW.

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FuzeW enters “Decentré Blockchain Café”, the first offline cryptocurrency marketing platform in Korea

BrilliantTS, a global fintech company, has introduced 'FuzeW' (a cryptocurrency hardware wallet in a card format) in its first offline marketing platform:  'Decentré Blockchain Cafe' in Korea...

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