FuzeW Black Friday Promotion

Promotion 1
First 100 Units only  $149 →  $79


-November 23 ~ 26
-Promotion ends once limit achieved




Promotion 2
Refer 5 Units & Get 1 free
Via FuzeW Affiliate program, complete Referral sales.
If you complete 5 Referral sales, you can claim 1 FuzeW for free.
The chance to receive 6 FuzeW for $355.50! ($59.25 per unit)
-November 23 ~ 26
-Claim due date ends November 30
Promotion 3
Custom edition
Personalize your own cold wallet by including your name on the card


-November 23 ~ 26
-Send request custom edition form after complete the purchase (need order number)



Other articles:

News Updates - Adding ERC20 Custom token

Generating all kinds of ERC20 token wallets is added to FuzeW wallet.

It will be updated on W Manager, an application of FuzeW.
This function is supported in Cryptocurrency wallet> Add Coin in the main upper menu. If the coin name is not found to add, you can add your custom token directly.

FuzeW enters “Decentré Blockchain Café”, the first offline cryptocurrency marketing platform in Korea

  • FuzeW enters its first offline store
  • 1st cryptocurrency café setting in Korea specifically designed for networking and information sharing purposes
  • Can view and experience various functions and abilities of FuzeW directly


BrilliantTS, a global fintech company, has introduced 'FuzeW' (a cryptocurrency hardware wallet in a card format) in its first offline marketing platform:  'Decentré Blockchain Cafe' in Korea.



Decentré, a blockchain promotion company, has opened 'Decentré Blockchain Café' near Shinnonhyeon station (1F, 105, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea). With a slogan of 'Meet Here', Decentré Blockchain Café' aims to be a place where more people could meet up and build networking connection in the growing blockchain community.



'Decentré Blockchain Café’, which started exhibiting and selling FuzeW, is a place of gathering for people who are not familiar with cryptocurrency to experts in the industry.  In this forum, the public can learn about blockchain and share information with each other. With access to the real product, visitors can view the various functions and abilities of FuzeW, such as:  e-paper display on the card that shows the user’s stored cryptocurrency information, applicable QR code, and real-time balance . The visitors can also see the portability of the product as FuzeW is able to fit into any wallet with the same thickness as a normal credit card at 0.84mm.  In addition, the visitors can experience the convenience of the product with its waterproof ability to function in water and crypto to crypto payment function via using a dedicated application (W Manager).