What's in the box?

1. Preparation 

1) Charge the device
The setting process may consume considerable power,
thus please insert FuzeW into the charger before moving to the next step.
2) Download 'W Manager'
FuzeW device works with its own mobile app 'W Manager'.
Add, send and manage your assets anywhere with it.

2. Set PIN Code

After turning on the device, press the left/right button to set the desired PIN Code.
Press the "OK" button to save the set PIN Code. (min 4 ~ max 10 digits)

3. Create a new wallet

1) Back up recovery seed
The recovery seed is important data used to recover your wallet.
In case of loss, the assets in the wallet cannot be recovered permanently, so be very careful in keeping them.

Please ensure that you write down the recovery seed on the recovery sheet included in the package
in the correct order as shown on the screen, and store it in a safe place.

It is also important data that can facilitate the theft of all your assets in case of external exposure.
Keep it safe offline so that no one can access it.

2) Set private passphrase
The private passphrase is a user-specified password and is difficult from the recovery word generated by the device.

Create a set of recovery words that others can't guess by specifying unique phrases.
These step can be taken without being set by the user's choice.

If you do not want to set up, press the No button on the passphrase setup screen to move on to the next step.

If you want to set it up, press the "Left" button to enter the setup screen,
then use the "Left/Right" button to set the desired alphabetic password
and press the "OK" button to save it. (min 1 ~ max 8 characters)

4. Connect with mobile phone




Connect FuzeW with a mobile phone via Bluetooth.
When the wallet is created, the Bluetooth serial number will appear in the FuzeW device screen.

Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device, and open the 'W Manager'.
After checking the permission consent and wireless connection guidance screen,

enter the Bluetooth serial number in the connected screen input window.
Enter the Bluetooth PIN when the device search and connection is confirmed.
You can see the Bluetooth PIN by viewing the FuzeW device screen again.

Once the correct PIN number has been entered, the link with the mobile app will be completed. 
You can check and manage your assets.


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