e-Charger (Charging Cradle) e-Charger (Charging Cradle)

e-Charger (Charging Cradle)



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Portable Charger
Available to charge your card battery without USB cable
① Insert FuzeW Card into the charging 'e-Charger'.
② Push the power button on the e-Charger.
③ Then, a LED light will turn on when it starts to charge.
④ The light will change color to indicate charging level.
* Charge 'e-Charger' using a standard micro-USB charging cable.
* LED light(Green) will turn off 15 seconds after it is fully charged.
* R rated voltage / Current : Input DC 5.0V / Output DC 4.35V / 12mA / 40mAh
* Rechargerable Li-on : 1ICP3/13/43
* Manufacturer / Country of Origin : BrilliantTS Co.,Ltd. / Korea